Peter Jackson vs Guy Ritchie vs Baz Lurhamn for the World Heavyweight Jilliahsmen Trinity Directorship!

April 23, 2018

Those are the contenders in the ring, battling it out to see who gets to direct the new world motion picture franchise, Jilliahsmen Trinity. Monday at 10am, an offer comes into the desk of Peter Nelson at Nelson Davis Law for Peter Jackson. Then another to Robert Newman at WME for Baz Luhrmann. Then Beth Swofford at CAA for Guy Ritchie. Each accompanying a 12.7 Million U.S Dollar cheque along with an expiry date of 1 working day on a “first response lock”, meaning the first to say yes, gets the gig. All said yes. But who was first? As the brawl continues amongst the legal big wigs, the winner is now believed firmly in the deciding hands of the producers. But why so Royal a Rumble for Jilliahsmen Trinity. Since the 150 dollar 220 page script was put up for publication in the form of a “book” for the public to access, a first time ever endeavor, it was quickly established, this is a franchise concept so lucrative that even flogging an adapted version of the screenplay to novice readers was something to be monetised.

The story centers upon a 25 year old Female Lead, Gabrielle Rothschild. Loosely based on the ultra-known controversial conspiracy of The Rothschild Family’s rule upon earth, within the context of a larger than life college campus, elaborated with colourful satires, occultic sects, inter-feuding gangs, topped by Monarchs, Druids and Zionists, there’s definitely a whole universe that opens up here and, more to the point, a universe very eagerly anticipated by the hundreds of million die hard conspiracy enthusiasts from every corner of the world.

OK, so there's a killer hook. But will fan's churn out a near buck a page for it? Yes, maybe even more so. Why? Let's dig a little deeper to know exactly what we're dealing with here. ( )

"The Jilliahsmen Trinity Book" is a feature prop within the book itself, where it's students, in consideration of their universal powers, are quite appropriately deemed religious-type figures, where every "breath" on campus must be constantly documented, by the almighty eye of Jilliah from the cosmos, in a very fact-matic, non-emotive, exactly-like-a-screenplay-manner, to let be told in dialogue and action alone to whom ever may stumble upon this book throughout eternity, exactly how it was heaven or hell was made on the rock called earth by the school that ran it all. #HaveYouGotTheBook

Zephyr Miller
Hollywood Analyst. Independent.
[email protected]

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