April 25, 2018

Troves of Bador players can earn thousands of dollars playing the new massive multiplayer online video game of skill ( Gamers can play free. But even though players can win a fortune it’s not a form of gambling. Bitcoin?clone blockchain technology makes the income engine work. Now an innovative crowd fundraiser offers GAME ROYALTIES forever plus more valuable perks to supporters who help launch the game.

People love to win money. The gambling industry combined with lottery sales generates $565 billion per year. In comparison the video game business generates an annual $48 billion selling games to the world’s 2 billion video players. Troves of Bador is a revolutionary hybrid enabling people to win thousands of dollars playing a video game.

Troves of Bador is not gambling because there is no element of chance involved whatsoever. Instead it’s a game of skill and therefore specifically exempted by the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006.

The game–of–skill concept could be compared to that used by Draft Kings (, which generates $160 million per year, but there is a clear distinction. Troves of Bador players do NOT bet on chancy fantasy sports–related contests. Instead, the video game players use their mental and physical skills to earn high points redeemable for cash.

Finding troves of treasure and defeating monstrous guardians will earn players high Cash Points. Further, Troves of Bador players will receive more and more Cash Points when they use the company’s free proprietary social media viral recruitment app to recruit their friends to join the game.

Financial experts have formulated Troves of Bador economics to give all players the opportunity to earn high incomes. The bitcoin?clone blockchain technology enables the company to allocate a generous 68 percent of revenues to pay player earnings.

Troves of Bador will exceed the expected. Players will project themselves through lifelike characters to meet incredible challenges in realistic settings. State of the art graphics processing will deliver incredible CG animations and video art realism. The company’s blockchain decentralized approach to the gaming program will allow complete transparency, ensure that no central authority gains an unfair advantage, and is the key to players winning a lot of money.

Troves of Bador will provide the foremost in video game entertainment while further providing players the incredible opportunity to win a lot of money. In doing so it will revolutionize the video game business and greatly enlarge the industry’s revenues.

Parent company Viralogic Corp ( has launched a highly innovative crowd fundraising campaign on to help launch Troves of Bador. A contributor will be listed as a Producer in the game credits. In addition, he will receive dollar?for?dollar credit in CASH POINTS equal to the amount of contribution. CASH POINTS can be used to buy enhanced weapons, armor and protective spells, giving him a tremendous head start in making a lot of money. Or he can redeem his CASH POINTS for cash. Plus the contributor will receive GAME ROYALTIES forever. Five percent of the games revenues will be paid out in royalties. The Troves of Bador crowd fundraiser can be viewed at:

James Spear
Communications Director
Viralogic Corp
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