Governor Murphy , AG Gurbir Grewal , Esther Suarez has a history of covering up Sexual Abuse

December 19, 2018

AG Gurbir Grewal has been made aware by me of rampant sexual abuse going back two full years now however he has chose to turn a blind eye to the abuse because it was government employees and I have undeniable evidence of my allegations via emails , documents , audio recordings .   I have evidence that Polticians , Judges , Lawyers , Prosecutors are in collusion . AG Gurbir Grewal had a Detective contact me no not to inquire about the crimes I alleged , AG Gurbir Grewal wanted this Detective to inquire as to how I obtained his personal email address . Governor Murphy , AG Gurbir Grewal , Esther Suarez want me silenced because they are fully aware that when there misconduct is exposed they and many other corrupt Democrats Careers will be over a S many will be heading to prison . Please be unbiased and follow the evidence . Thank you for your Time , effort  JMH ( 03715821 )    Disclaimer:...

The Anti Bitcoin Comes Alive

December 18, 2018

preCharge USA, Inc., one of the Strongest Digital Currency Options on the Market, to be Listed on Multiple Crypto Exchanges.While much of the digital currency, aka crypto currency industry has continued to falter, one company is proving all the analysts wrong, one ping at a time.Across the board, cryptocurrency prices are down as much as 98%, and many of these companies are out of business. As governments try to wrangle in industry cheats, and business continues to try to understand blockchain, preCharge USA, Inc. is emerging as the industry leader, a position it has held in risk management for over a decade.Beginning less than a year ago, preCharge USA, Inc. began transforming its consumer validation service into a true Security Token, based on three- factor authentications, seamless user validation and kyc compliance, as well as built-in anti-money laundering features, aka aml. This move has allowed preCharge to emerge with one of the strongest digital currency...

Vendor Neutral Continues Its Momentum to Closeout 2018.

December 18, 2018

The Vendor Neutral Certified 100™ Landscape is Rapidly Approaching 50 Certified Vendors and the First Certified Vendor Profiles Including BigTinCan, BrainShark, DataDwell, Docurated, Flipdeck, Highspot,, Mediafly, Membrain, Seismic, and TimeTrade Have Launched, Providing Buyers With a Clear Path Towards the Identification and Selection of Sales Technology Products and Solutions.Boca Raton, FL - December, 18th 2018 -- , the leader in B2B Sales Technology Selection Resources, today announced two major developmental milestones achieved in 2018 and the continued growth of the Vendor Neutral Certified 100™ landscape with the addition of the following new vendors;,, MindMatrix, OMG - Objective Management Group, and The Sales Bar.“The launch of the Vendor Neutral Certified 100 Vendor Profiles™ on our website, ensuring buyers have the information needed to make educated buying decisions,...

Online Custom Framer Simply Framed Expands Product Offering at West Elm

December 18, 2018

BEST-IN-CLASS CUSTOM FRAME KITS NOW OFFERED AT HOME FURNISHINGS RETAILER, REINFORCING IMPORTANCE OF ARTWORK IN CREATING A SIGNATURE MODERN HOMEIn Fall 2018, online custom framer Simply Framed expanded its product offering available exclusively at West Elm stores and The new collection emphasizes the importance of framed artwork in the curation of a modern home interior, and builds upon the success of the Fall 2016 collection, which included 4 signature styles of West Elm and Simply Framed frame kits.Simply Framed pioneered the model of high-quality online custom framing under the direction of CEO and founder, Dara Segal. Segal was inspired to find a solution when encountering challenges in framing her own art collection, and launched her company in 2014 with the goal of making custom framing easy and affordable. All of Simply Framed’s frames are hand-assembled in the USA using only archival materials. The continued partnership underscores...

Zoho selects iQuoteXpress as “preferred extension”

December 18, 2018

Zoho has selected iQuoteXpress (IQX) as a preferred extension for its award-winning, web-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform. IQX is a configure, price, quote (CPQ) solution which will enable Zoho CRM users to create, deliver, track, and optimize sales proposals from within their CRM solution. Available as a single sign-on solution within Zoho, IQX helps ensure Zoho CRM users maximize efficiencies by executing all customer contacts and interactions — from initial prospecting efforts to signed sales quotes — on the same platform. IQX will enable Zoho users to create custom sales proposal templates, optimize product and pricing configurations (via a centralized repository), and track sales quotes from creation to delivery to signature to archival. By automating the sales proposal process, IQX reduces manual labor and can improve both sales quote accuracy and throughput. “We couldn’t be more excited to officially...

Cheapest Press Release Distribution Service Revealed: eReleases vs vs PRWeb

January 22, 2019

The industry has become more competitive in recent times than ever. With the growing number of people needing press release distribution service for their businesses, the number of companies who are serving that need is also increasing. However, the most critical part is to find a company that will spread the news to the mass audience. Some companies offer services as well.   eReleases, and PRWeb are three of the most recognized names in the press release distribution industry. Both eReleases and help with , as well as distribution where PRWeb focuses solely on distribution.   eReleases uses the distribution network of PR Newswire to serve their customers. They claim to have more than 100,00 op-it journalist and guarantees to send a press release directly to the computers of journalists, bloggers and freelance writers. Starting from the Buzz Builder, eReleases offer three which cost $299 - $499....

Why PRCopywriter Press Release Writing and Distribution is the Best PRWeb Alternative for Public Relations

January 21, 2019

Press release distribution is a great tool for reaching out to potential customers and investors. There are a lot of companies in the industry who are offering press release writing along with distribution services. The difficult part comes when it’s time to choose the right company who distributes press releases to a vast and well-known network. Some companies with a good reputation help with press release writing as well, offering interesting deals.   is one of the most experienced press release distribution company. Cision, a large corporation owns PRWeb and the company was found in 1997. Solely focusing on distribution services, PRWeb pricing for each press release is between $99 to $389. The $389 Premium plan guarantees to make a press release “”. However, they do not explain how does it happen, neither any information can be found about the PRWeb distribution network on their website. For urgent press release, there is a $99...

Public Relations Writing and Distribution Done at The Cheapest Price by PRCopywriter

January 18, 2019

A  “” or “press release writing” plays a vital role behind the success of a business and the first step in communicating with potential investors. There are many companies in the press release distribution industry who help press release writing and distribution services. However, with a rise of too many unprofessional companies, it’s hard to figure out who can provide the best deal on press release writing and distribution services.   is a leader in the Press Release distribution industry who is here to help with bothand distribution services through their PRCopywriter service. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, they have helped thousands of business in expanding their public relations network by providing a world-class press release writing and distribution service.   comes in two simple forms, theand the Premium Concierge Copywriter with a cost of $45 and $99 for...

PRCopywriter Helps Businesses With Press Release Writing and Expanding Public Relations Network

January 17, 2019

Building, expanding and maintaining Public Relations are the core parts that every overachieved and successful businesses have in common. Press Release distribution is a great way of reaching out to the public that acts as a mode of communication between the public and the company.   Press Release Distribution is a two-step process. The first is ” or Public Relations Writing”, which needs to be clear and precise in order to communicate information in the simplest terms.   The second part is to find a press release distribution company that will distribute the press release to the media outlets that have a good audience outreach. This part is the toughest as there are several companies who guarantee to have thousands of in their network. However, what is important is to know that how many and which of the media outlets are actually publishing to press releases.   is a...

PRWeb Press Release Distribution Compared With PRCopywriter Public Relations Writing and Distribution

January 16, 2019

Getting valuable information out to the potential customers/investors about a product or service plays the most important part of every business/organization if their goal is to build a strong public relations network. In recent times, almost every industry relies upon press release distribution for their marketing. However, it is difficult to find the right company suiting the needs of the business.   is one of the oldest names in the press release distribution industry. They were found in 1997 and owned by a corporation named Cision. PRWeb focuses only on press release distribution, they don’t provide press release writing services to their clients. From the Basic to Premium, PRWeb distribution pricing is between $99 and $389, depending on the distribution plan the customer prefers. PRWeb provides no information about their distribution list or network on their website, but the Premium distribution plan promises to make a press release “”.  

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